Podcast-Superchat with Dr. Dan Roach


Click the logo below to listen to the April Edition of our Podcast with Dr. Dan Roach and guests Washington JH Project Lead the Way teachers Eric Williams and Lisa Dillon. 

Lisa Dillon teaches PLTW Computer Science and Engineering and spoke about the App creators project where students learn the critical thinking and technical skills needed to create a mobile app. Students can then use these coding and problem solving skills in PTLW courses at WHS.

Eric Williams spoke about Medical Detectives and Science of Technology. In Medical Detectives students collaborate and use problem-solving skills that centers around the medical field. They learn about medical careers, how to take vital signs and learn how to use critical thinking skills to diagnose disease. 

Students in PLTW  are learning the 21st Century skills needed to solve real-world problems at Washington JH.



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