• Alert:

    Due to an increased number of positive Covid-19 cases in Daviess County the local Board of Health has determined that all Daviess County schools, including Washington Community Schools, are to move to the Red Phase of our Back To School plan.

    Beginning Monday, November 23rd, all school buildings will be closed and Distance Learning will be in place. All extracurricular activities, including athletic practices and games, are canceled.  At the present time, students will return to school on Monday, December 7th, 2020. Please visit the Distance Learning page of our website for more information and resources. 

    Students in grades K-8 will access their assignments via the Distance Learning Portal. High School students should follow their normal class schedule beginning with their first period at 8:35 am.  HS students should communicate directly with their teacher via email, Google Classroom, or Google Meet for additional instructions.  

    Further information will be sent via School Messenger by your child’s building principal on Monday regarding device distribution, meal pick up, and other details related to the red status.

    Students who do not have access to wifi should see the list of Free Public Wifi spots on the district’s website.

    This decision did not come easily, but we have been preparing for this possibility. The district will continue to be in daily contact with the Daviess County Health Department and monitor the situation in our community to determine our next steps after December 7th. Please stay in close contact by checking your phone, emails, our website, and social media channels for the most up to date information.

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Exemption Information

Immunization Requirements


What happens if my child does not have the required shots by the time school starts?
If your child is not exempted from getting the shots, your child may attend school for 20 days to allow you time to get the necessary shots. The law says the school cannot allow your child to attend school for more than 20 days without the shots, unless the child is exempted for religious or medical reasons - or if a doctor has provided documentation that your child is scheduled to be vaccinated. (See below for more information on exemptions.)

What should I do if my child has some of the shots, but not all of them?
If your child is scheduled to obtain the shots, a doctor can provide a statement with a schedule showing when the child will get the remaining shots. You need to provide the doctor's statement to the school. Your child may continue to attend school while getting the shots.

What should I do if I have religious objections to my child receiving the shots?
You must provide the school a signed, written statement expressing that you object to the required vaccinations based on religious grounds. If you provide this statement to the school, your child may continue to attend school and will be excused from obtaining the required shots.

What if the doctor says my child should not have the shot(s)?
If your child's doctor says one or more of the required vaccinations could be harmful to your child, the doctor needs to provide a signed, written statement that you must take to your child's school. Your child may continue to attend school and will be excused from obtaining the required shots.

What if I can't afford the shots or I don't have a doctor?
Contact your local health department and your school nurse for information on where your child can get the required shot(s) at little or no cost.

Where can I get more information?
Your school nurse has information on these requirements. 
Information is also available from the Indiana State Department of Health (1-800-701-0704).