School Closing & Delay Information

Last Updated: 6/24/2021 5:55 PM

school closing, delays, and earyl dismallsSchool officials make decisions about school closing based on weather information, directly checking road conditions, communication with street departments, police agencies, and neighboring school districts. A School Closing or Delay will be announced as early as possible, but it is not always feasible to predict if a closing or delay is needed the night before. The following is a list of the emergency options used by Washington Community Schools. Please discuss these with your children and plan what to do in each instance. 



One Hour Delay: 

-All Washington Community Schools will have a one- hour delay in starting school. 

-If conditions worsen during a delay, schools may close. 

-Buses will run one hour later than normal.

-Washington JH and Washington HS will begin at 9:05 am.

-All Elementary Schools will begin at 9:00 am. 

 Two Hour Delay:

       -All Washington Community Schools will have a two-hour delay in starting school. 

      - If conditions worsen during a delay, schools may close. 

      - Buses will run approximately two hours later than usual.

      - Washington JH and Washington HS will begin at 10:05 am.

      - All Elementary Schools will begin at 10:00 am.


       All Washington Community Schools will be closed.

Closed- Distance Learning Day:

Students should follow the Red Phase of the Back to School Plan and complete their assignments at home online. More information can be found on the Distance Learning page of our website. Assignments will be posted by 9:00 am. 



Announcing Closings and Delays


School Messenger: We will send out automated phone calls, emails, and/or text messages to all parents and staff. Please update your contact information in Skyward and at your child's school.
Local Media:      We will contact local media, such as the Washington Times-Herald, WAMW, WTHITV
Website:               Please visit the Washington community Schools website at for the latest information.
Social Media:    Like and Follow our Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram to receive the latest updates. 
Push Notifications: Download the Washington Community Schools App in the Google Play or App Store to receive push notifications on your phone.