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12 AP Courses = College Success

Washington High School's 12 AP Courses = College Success

Washington High School offers 12 Advanced Placement courses to prepare students for college and their future.  AP courses offer a challenging, academically rigorous academic experience to earn college credit and demonstrate readiness for college level coursework. 


Top 6 Benefits of AP Courses

1. Stand Out From the Crowd: 
AP Courses show college admission you are ready for college-level coursework.

2. Prepare for Your Future: AP Courses sharpen your writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

3. Rise to the Top: To reward your efforts, rigorous AP Courses are weighted higher, boosting your GPA and class rank.

4. Save Time & Money: AP Exams can earn you college credit, giving you time in your schedule to earn a minor or even graduate early.

5. See Your Hard Work Pay Off: AP Courses showcase your academic talents on scholarship and financial aid applications.

6. Discover Your Passion: AP Courses allow you to dig deeper into subjects that interest you and discover talents and skills for success.

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Class of 2024 Highlights

Xavier Frank - Governor's STEM Team Honorable Mention

1,811 College Credits Earned

28 Indiana College Core Recipients

12 AP Courses Offered:

English Language & Composition

English Literature & Composition

World History:

U.S. History

French Language & Culture

Spanish Language & Culture

Calculus AB


Physics 1


Computer Science Principles

Computer Science A

AP courses are an important part of WHS's
College & Career Academy.


Notre Dame AP-TIP Cohort:

Washington High School has joined with the Notre Dame Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program cohort with the University of Notre Dame to provide advanced teacher training to strengthen the rigor and improve the success of our AP program. The Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program is part of the Institute for Educational Initiatives at the University of Notre Dame. They are a state-wide math, science, and English initiative dedicated to improving Indiana’s students’ college and career readiness.

Our model is premised on proven success and a philosophy of inclusiveness and high expectations for each student to prepare successfully for, and participate in, academically rigorous coursework. 

Learn more about Notre Dame AP-TIP

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