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JH/HS ELearning Day Schedule

Washington Jr. High School

Washington Junior High School teachers and students will operate on a modified bell schedule that allows for WJHS teachers to check in live with their students for each period.  Once the modified schedule portion of the day is over, students are expected to use the remainder of the eLearning Day to complete assignments and/or seek help from their teachers through Google Meet and/or email. 

The following is the WJHS eLearning schedule:

Period 1 8:30-8:45
Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5


Period 6


Period 7


10:45 to 3:00 pm

Students should use this time for lunch, completing assignments, or seeking

help from their teacher through sending an email or scheduling a Google Meet.  

Washington High School

Washington High School teachers and students will operate on their regular bell schedule.  Students are expected to be present for any live Google Meet sessions. Students will receive information and directions for the day through their class period’s Google Classroom.

Period 1 8:36-9:24
Period 2 9:28-10:16
Period 3 10:20-11:08
Period 4 11:12-12:00
Period 5 Group A 12:05-12:52
Period 5 Group B 12:39-1:26
Period 6 1:30-2:18
Period 7 2:22-3:10