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Play Partners

play partners


Purpose: To provide children the opportunity to participate in healthy/appropriate conversations with a caring adult.

We appreciate you sharing your time and talents with our students.  We know that surrounding our students with as many caring adults as possible will give them the best opportunities to succeed. Quality play experiences are created and nurtured when adults are involved in the process.

Washington Primary- First Tuesday of the month

Washington Intermediate- Second Tuesday of the month

Washington Upper- Third Tuesday of the month

Washington Veale- Fourth Tuesday of the month

Adult roles in child’s play:  supporting vs. leading 

  • Supporting:  When adults are present and engaged, but not taking over, children are allowed to build themselves up, engage in learning and exploration.  The adults can provide opportunities to help STRETCH and GROW the experiences. 

  • Leading:  When adults lead or take control of the play, play is no longer self-chosen and self-directed by the child.  When children lose the freedom to explore openly, the experience or play loses meaning. 

How to support play

  • Simply engage with students during play.  Talk about what they are doing.

  • Participate in what they are doing. This validates their ideas.  Proximity, enthusiasm and interest communicated that what they are doing matters.

  • Extend the thought or current knowledge.  Help them make new connections.  This can be done through modeling positive interactions.

  • Assist children who are having difficulty participating.  Your involvement in play may be the model of entry point needed. 


Hope is taught and learned. If we understand the importance of teaching reading, writing, math and science, we need to understand the importance of teaching hope. -- Rick Miller