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Become a Sponsor

Dear Sponsor,

First of all, thank you for all you do, not only for our community, but for our student-athletes at Washington Community Schools. Currently we serve around 550 student-athletes from grades 5-12 and support 17 IHSAA sports. As you know a high percentage of covering expenses are through the sponsorships and ticket revenue. 

Here is a snapshot of what a typical year of some of the expenses would look like:. 

Total spent in one year on officials -                        $64,600.00
Total spent in one year on workers -                       $54,700.00
Total spent in one year on Transportation -        $20,000.00

This is the total of purchase in the last couple of years for equipment - $43,091

These sponsorships are a tremendous help in building and maintaining successful athletic programs. 

We appreciate your assistance and value your continued support. 


 Larry Cochren                                                                 Gretchen Miles

 Athletic Director                                                  Assistant Athletic Director

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