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Community Facilty Study Committee

Purpose & Process

The primary purpose was to study and discuss educational program and facility needs of the school corporation, and to provide the board with a list of options to consider based upon data and feedback from several studies.

63 Member Facilities Review Committee was assembled.

Parents, community leaders, teachers, support staff, administrators, business owners, farmers, and other stakeholders.  

Board Presentation March 21, 2024

Facility Committee

6 meetings over the course of 6 weeks.  

  • Process and Purpose & Tour of Washington Veale Elementary
  • Overview of Curriculum & Tour of Washington Primary

  • School Finance & Tour of Washington Intermediate

  • Demographic Forecast & Tour of Washington Upper Elementar

  • Facilities Condition Report & Tour of WJHS and WHS

  • Final meeting to discuss development of ideas and options based on previously provided information.   


Key Areas Highlighted by Groups


School Safety

Curb Appeal

Need for Additional Space

Grade Realignment

Facility study chart


School Safety

  • Security was the most discussed item.
  • Secure all entrance and tighten up sign-in procedures
  • secure all doors during school hours
  • Add a school resource officer to every school
  • Reduce outside transitions
    • JH Alleyway
    • Portables
JH alleyway


Curb Appeal

All schools need clearly identifiable entrances.

  • Sets the tone to make good first impression. 

  • Promotes secure atmosphere and traffic control

No Clear Front Entrance for WHS

  • Visitors do not know how to enter high school.  Often enter WJHS looking for High School offices.

Lack of parking at buildings

  • Specifically at WJHS/WHS with 360 degree  parking around the  building leads to multiple entrances for visitors and students.  Security and safety issue.  

  • Parking space is limited at all buildings and lacks efficient traffic patterns.


Need for Additional Space

All Buildings are in Need of Space - Over Capacity at Multiple Buildings

  • Priorities include general education classrooms. 

    • Lack of space for resource needs. 

    • Specials/electives are being utilized as general education classrooms.  

  • Reduction of Student to Teacher Ratio

  • Increase in flex space for programming


  • Elementary classroom expansion at either Primary or Intermediate. 

  • Repurpose wasted space. 

    • Conversion of Primary Courtyard

    • Transitions auditorium at Upper Elementary into classroom space.

  • Build a new Middle School (Long Term Potential Goal)

    • Would allow high school to take over space left behind. 


Grade Realignment

Through the planning process, consider short/long term grade realignment.

  • The determination for current configuration was due to available building capacity. 

  • Pre-K - 2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

  • A note that additional space is needed in order to truly adjust grades to different buildings.  

What to do with Veale Elementary?

  • Consider repurposing the building due to financial inefficiency. 

    • Cost per student is significantly higher.  

  • Reutilize building 

    • Alternative Education Space

    • Vocational Education Space

    • Pre-School 

    • STEM/STEAM Center


Other Considerations

Need for major building facilities updates. 

  • HVAC, Roofs, Septic
  • Update all ADA Code requirements during any renovation. 

  • Space needed for STEM/STEAM/Robotics/Career and Technical Education.

  • Expanded space for Preschool

  • Consider downsizing to 2-3 Campuses long term. 

  • Relocate Central Office to more cost effective space. 

  • Purchase of Armory and surrounding area for more space. 

  • Opportunity for branding the future.