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Pre-Kindergarten Program Application 2024-25

To help us plan for the upcoming school year, Washington Community Schools wants to gather information from families interested in having their child attend Washington Primary's Pre-Kindergarten Program for the 2024-2025 school year.



Criteria for enrollment in the Washington Primary PK program:

  •  Students must be at least four years old by August 1, 2024. 
  •  Parents must provide transportation in a timely manner.  
  •  Must stay in "Good Standing" with the program fees/charges

The Washington Primary Pre-Kindergarten program is intended for students who plan to attend Kindergarten at either Washington Primary or Washington Veale Elementary for the 2025-2026 school year.

The Washington Primary Pre-Kindergarten program is a half-day program that will have A.M (8:30-11:30) and P.M (12:30-3:30) programs.  Parents should select only one time frame to be considered for enrollment into the program.  We do not offer full-day programming at this time. 

The fee to attend our preschool program is $155 per week.  Parents are expected to maintain a “good standing” status with the payment program in order to remain in the program.  The Washington Primary Preschool program participates in the “On My Way’ voucher program.  All families will apply to participate in this program which considers family size, family income, and other factors to determine who qualifies.  Those families who qualify fully, will receive a full voucher of $155/week to cover their fees.  Some families may qualify partially and will receive a voucher for a percentage of the $155/week.  Partial qualifiers for On My Way Prek would pay the difference to equal the $155/week (in most cases, partial qualifiers would pay $20 to $40/week based on the partial qualification).  Those families who do not qualify fully or partially for On My Way Prek will complete an application for a Washington Community School preschool grant scholarship.  The scholarship will be worth $80/week and funded through our Title I funds.  These families will then be charged $75/week to equal the $155/week fee.   Given this structure of available assistance, the most a student/family will pay is $75/week.  More information concerning the fee structure will be given upon student/family acceptance into the Washington Primary Pre-Kindergarten program.

Please know we are gathering interest at this time. Space is limited and completing the form below does NOT guarantee your child a spot within our program.  The selection process will be based upon a "random lottery" draw with those families not being selected for the program placed on a waiting list.  Parents will be notified of their selection into the program during the week of March 18th.  A verbal acceptance must be given at the time of notification in order to "hold" your selection into the pre-k program.  To finalize the selection process,  selected families must officially pre-register into the  Washington Primary Pre-Kindergarten program by scheduling an "in-person" registration session during the week of April 1st-April 5th.  If either of these two steps in the selection process are missed, the selected family may lose their spot in the pre-kindergarten program.   The required paperwork for registering into the "On My Way" assistance program will be completed at this time as well.  

To be eligible for the Lottery selection process, this form must be completed and submitted properly by March 8, 2024.  All late entries will be placed on the wait list according to the submission timestamp.