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School Board Notes 1/21/2021

Tori Peterson



School Board Notes 

January 21st, 2021

Financial Report

Carrie Alford, Business Manager, gave an overview presentation explaining school finance and how it translates to Washington Community Schools. She highlighted the major fund categories and broke down revenue and expenditure percentages giving the board a working knowledge of the current financial situation of Washington Community Schools. 




  • Nancy Miller-North Elementary Secretary

  • Megan Riley-HS Assistant Boys Track


  • Whitney Albrecht-North Elementary Secretary

  • Anthony Spinner-HS Assistant Boys Track

  • McKenzie Norton - HS Assistant Girls Track

New Business

Sodexo Maintenance Contract Renewal

Rose Wilson, Director of Facilities Operations for WCS with Sodexo, as well as Jeff Butler, District Manager for Sodexo, gave a presentation highlighting the last five years of their accomplishments in their partnership between Sodexo and Washington Community Schools. The presentation included Employee retention, key projects, skilled labor, community service, safety, re-opening processes, and more. Following the presentation of five years in review, Wilson and Butler proposed an investment in Washington Community schools to include vehicles, parking lot repairs, and a UVC installation in the HVAC equipment in all WCS properties. Following the board presentation, the board voted to extend the contract with Sodexo for an additional five years, effective July 1st, 2021.

Upcoming Meetings

The next regular board meeting - February 18, 2021, 7:00 pm.