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School Board Notes 12/17/2021

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Tori Peterson


School Board Notes 

December 17th, 2020


The HS Athletic Department received a $10,000 donation from Kim, Karin and Kelly McBride in honor of the late Woody McBride, class of 1945.

Financial Report:

TAG (Teacher Appreciation Grant) Funds were issued to those certified employees who received an evaluation rating of Effective or Highly Effective based during the 2019-2020 school year on December 12, 2020.  Per state statute and board policy all public school districts receive these funds.  As you will recall, during the November 19th meeting certified employees that did not “fit” within the state’s definition of a teacher were also awarded the same amount, $753.89 for Highly Effective and $603.11 for an Effective rating from district funds.  These are the amounts awarded before expenses such as retirement and taxes are deducted.


Title I staff, Brenda Meredith and Rob McCormick from Griffith Elementary, and Janet Stuckey and Michelle Wade from Lena Dunn Elementary have risen to the challenge during this unusual school year, learning new methods for reaching out to students and families.  In spite of any trepidation that may have existed in the use of technology, our educators have set a standard for tackling new challenges and not looking back.


John Wilkins, HS Art Teacher retirement after 39.5 years of service.

New Business:

In anticipation of any potential funding delays, Washington Community Schools annually advertises for temporary loans in the amount of $4 million to be placed in specific funds.  Four local institutions provided bids in 2020.  The recommendation is to award First Financial Bank at 1.09%.

-SVB&T  1.875%

-ONB  1.94%

-German Am Bank  2.11% 


Permission to obtain quotes for the demolition of the funeral home property at 210 N. State Road 57.   This will become the future location of much needed parking.


Information Items:


All six of the schools within the district were awarded grants from the Indiana National Archery in the Schools Programs for kits that consist of 12 Genesis Bows, Arrow, Targets, Netting, Rack, Quivers, etc.  In addition, the funding provides the necessary training for four (4) instructors per building.  At a total cost of $19,800, Washington was able to bring this unique opportunity to our student population for the remaining amount of $3,000 that is being paid through our Foundation.  The initial trainings will begin in late January with implementation into the curriculum to be determined at a later time.  NASP Archery has a proven reputation for teaching students a new skill, but also self-discipline in a very structured environment.  Many schools have gone on to participate in local, regional, and state competitions as students hone their new found skills.



The new Hatchet ECA bus seats 46, A/C, custom design

The district’s Busing and Maintenance Facilities are housed on 2.33 acres with the current transportation fleet consisting of:

2 Athletic/ECA Buses 46 seat capacity

6 White Activity Buses

23 Conventional Yellow Buses, 17 which run double routes

*Beginning with the 21-22 school year the district will take operation of the remaining three routes that have been outsourced.


Vaccine Survey

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Department of Health are currently surveying all critical industries, including school corporations to gather the necessary data and potential ability to self-administer vaccines when available.  The district, including the Sp Ed Co-op teaching, non-certified, and office staff, as well as transportation, Sodexo, lay coaches, and subs total 460.  We did not distinguish between critical staff needed to maintain operations but placed employees within their job-related categories so that the DOH could determine how to best schedule.

Upcoming Meetings:

Reorganization Meeting January 14th at 5:00 pm. 

Next regular board meeting January 21st at 7:00 pm.