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Podcast - Super Chat with Superintendent Kevin Frank

Click on the logo below to listen to the October edition of Super chat with Nikki Sparks as she discusses her role as Integration Specialist at Washington Community Schools. Mrs. Sparks supports teachers with integrating technology into their lessons and manages the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Labs and STEM kits in the elementary schools, and the new Design & Innovation Studio at WJHS.  

They also discussed the upcoming Christmas Light Show, a school-wide project based learning project involving Computer Science, Construction Trades, Band, and Choir classes.  Students work together to create the framework for the lights, Band & Choir perform and record music, and the computer science students code the lights to sync with the music. This is all possible due to generous donations from our community, with local businesses donated money to purchase software, donation of Christmas lights and materials, and City of Washington employees install the lights.


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