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Exterior Map

Location: Washington High School
608 E. Walnut St.
Washington, IN 47501

Directions and Notes:

  1. Buses should drive into Washington via IN-57 (locally called NE 5th St.)
  2. The main entrance for this competition will be Gate 3, located on Bedford Rd. Buses should unload students at this gate, and then park behind the tennis courts as seen in the upper right-hand corner of the map.
  3. If a person needs handicap access they may enter through Gate 4. Gate 3 is only accessible by stairs.
  4. Spectator parking will be in any unmarked parking lot, mainly north of the gym. (Not pictured on the map.)
  5. Teams will unload/load on NE 6th St. in front of the pit location (the junior high gym.)
  6. Food trucks will be located by Gate 3.
  7. NOTE: Walnut St. is a one-way street heading west.
First robotics competition outside map


Interior Map