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Summer Meal Program

Important Information about Summer Meals

Washington Community Schools Sodexo Food Service is pleased to provide FREE breakfast and lunch meals for students over the summer.  This year the USDA has changed some regulations concerning how meals can be distributed. A small amount of paperwork is required during pick-up, so be prepared for a longer wait time than in the past.  

There are two ways that students can receive school meals. 

Congregate: students receive a tray and eat at school (for students who are participating in daycare, summer school or summer camps, including the YMCA, Kinder Camp, WC Cardinal Care, and Infinite Sports)

Non-congregate: families can pick up a 5 days' worth of packaged breakfast and lunch meals to take home. 

Based on USDA rules a child cannot participate and receive meals from both programs. So, if your child is eating lunch, breakfast, or a snack at their summer camp/daycare they cannot participate in the meal distribution.

This summer, beginning on June 5 - July 28, WCS will begin serving non-congregate meals out of the High School at Gate 4 between 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm each Tuesday. At this meal pick-up we will provide breakfast, lunch, and milk for 5 days for each child in your home.  

We will be using rosters from each camp/daycare to ensure families are not getting meals at both sites.

You can opt out of meals at this camp or daycare by contacting the camp director or the SFSP program director at If you opt out of meals at camp or daycare, you can then come through the line on Tuesdays.

Thank You for your cooperation in helping us stay compliant with USDA rules and regulations, which allows us to continue to serve meals to our kids for free!