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3rd Grade College Sweatshirt Project

Third Grade sweatshirt project thumbnail
Tori Peterson

Your 3rd Grade Team at Washington Intermediate and Washington Veale Elementary are teaming up again this year for our Annual College Sweatshirt project!

As most of you know, part of being a Kids At Hope school means we “time travel” with our students and have many discussions about their future careers.. and what colleges may get them there.  

To help get them thinking about all of those different colleges, we would love for every third student at WCS to be gifted a college sweatshirt for Christmas! 

We have 163 third graders this year so we would appreciate all of the support we can get! 

Please reach out to one of us if you would like to donate money, OR you can purchase any college sweatshirt (after we give you a size) and deliver it to us. 

We would like all sweatshirts in our hands by Friday, December 1! 

P.S. Please reach out to any of the Third Grade teachers if you would like to donate! If we don’t respond, please try again. Lots of emails will be coming in. 

All of the continued support we have been given with this project is truly amazing. We appreciate you! 

P.S.S. This is a secret.. don’t tell the kids! 

Thank you so much!!

Your Third Grade Team,
Jordan Bennington
Amy Cline
Missy Chestnut
Amber Daniels
Mackinzee Dotterweich
Kristen Lafollette
Estefania Naranjo
Shelly Padgett
Chelsea Travelstead